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IPL Biologicals and Punjab Agricultural University Collaborate to Launch Bio-Fungicide for Paddy Farmers

12 June 2024, Ludhiana: IPL Biologicals Limited has partnered with Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) to launch Agenor, a bio-fungicide designed to address the challenges faced by paddy farmers. This collaboration formalized through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), underscores a shared commitment to agricultural innovation and sustainability. The MOU facilitates the exchange of expertise and resources to develop solutions for longstanding issues such as Bakane disease, which has severely impacted paddy farmers.

Agenor is effective in controlling Bakane disease, also known as foot rot, a detrimental seed-borne ailment that can cause yield reductions ranging from 3% to 95% annually. By incorporating Agenor into their agricultural practices, farmers can significantly enhance their yields. Additionally, the product ensures consistent quality at competitive prices, optimizing benefits for farmers.

The strain of Agenor was developed by distinguished scientists at PAU. Leveraging this partnership, IPL Biologicals spearheaded the research and development efforts, formulating the product into a wettable powder and successfully registering it under the Central Insecticides Board & Registration Committee (CIB&RC) as Trichoderma asperellum 2% WP, now known as Agenor.

“This collaboration with PAU marks a significant milestone in our journey to provide sustainable solutions for farmers. Agenor is a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence in agricultural biotechnology,” said Mr.Harsh Vardhan Bhagchandka, President, IPL Biologicals. “We are confident that Agenor will greatly benefit paddy farmers by effectively controlling Bakane disease and improving crop yields.”

The Vice Chancellor of Punjab Agricultural University, Dr. Satbir Singh Gosal, added, “Our collaboration with IPL Biologicals highlights the importance of partnerships in advancing agricultural research. The development of Agenor is a breakthrough for paddy farmers, especially in regions where Bakane disease is prevalent. We believe this product will make a substantial difference in crop protection and yield improvement.”

Bakane disease is a significant problem in North India, particularly in Basmati rice-growing areas. PAU scientists, with their extensive exposure and knowledge of this disease, identified the strain capable of controlling it. IPL Biologicals invested approximately four years in exhaustive research and development, followed by three years to secure all necessary licenses and registrations, culminating in the successful introduction of Agenor to agricultural communities.

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