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PMFAI signs agreement of cooperation with Russian Union of Manufacturers of Crop Protection Products

25 February 2023, New Delhi: Agreement of Cooperation in the area of production and distribution of crop protection products and raw materials was signed between the Pesticides Manufacturers & Formulators Association of India  (PMFAI), an agrochemical industry association from India, and The Russian Union of Manufacturers of Crop Protection Products of Russia.

The Agreement was signed between the two associations in an international export promotion event ICSCE 2023organized by PMFAI in Dubai, UAE on 16th February 2023 in connection with the comprehensive development of relations between India and the Russian Federation, enhancing the Indian-Russian cooperation in agriculture, and in crop protection product markets of India and Russia to develop an effective system for production and distribution.

As per the understanding between both the national associations, efforts will be made to systemize the processes and develop a common position on issues related to crop protection products and raw-material markets of India and the Russian Federation.

The agreement was entered on the principles of equality, partnership, mutual benefits, and mutual responsibilities to ensure the reliability and objectivity of the information transferred. The cooperation will promote increased presence and work of both parties in the territories of the Indian and Russian pesticide markets.

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