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Maharashtra heading for record sugarcane crushing 772.93 lakh tonnes crushed as on February 6

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09 February 2022, New Delhi: Sugar mills in Maharashtra have crushed 772.93 lakh tonnes of sugarcane by February 6 to produce 78.17 lakh tonnes of sugar.

According to industry sources, about 300 lakh tonnes of sugarcane have to be crushed. Last sugar season, mills in the State had crushed 1,012 lakh tonnes of sugarcane to produce 106.2 lakh tonnes of sugar. This record is set to be surpassed this season.

As of now, 197 sugar mills, including 98 co-operative mills and 99 private mills, are operating in Maharashtra. While some sugar mills are likely to end their season by the end of next month, the Sugar Commissioner office is keen to ensure that all sugarcane in lifted by mills. 

Only few mills are likely to be operating in April while some might continue crushing in May. 

Farmers in across the State have started complaining that mills are not lifting their cane despite repeated requests. In some cases farmers have alleged that sugarcane contractors are demanding bribe to start sugarcane cutting.

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