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Honda India Power Products launches high discharge & high head Portable Water Pumps

05 June 2021, New Delhi: Honda India Power Products Limited (HIPP), a leading manufacturer of power products in India, today fulfilled farmers’ need of irrigating farmlands efficiently and economically with their NEW offerings in 2-inch & 3-inch categories of “Self-priming” – “Gasoline(petrol) driven water pumps”.

Farmers looking to irrigate crops have been demanding light weight and economical pumps to increase their productivity through efficient irrigation requirement of their crops.

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HIPP has been the market leader in gasoline fuelled water pump category offering a wide range of pump-sets from 2 to 5hp serving the farmers since the last 35 years.

The latest addition of “WB20XD & WB30XD” models fulfils irrigation needs of crops in hilly terrains and plains respectively thus appealing to farmers across different regions & segments in India.  

WB 20XD – the 2 Inch category model – delivers water with the best in class performance at upto 32 meters head and 670 litres discharge volume per minute – while being so light at 24 Kg – fulfilling hilly region farmers’ irrigation and ease of carrying needs.

WB 30XD – the 3 Inch category model – fulfills economical, timely and efficient  irrigation needs of farmers in plains with best in class performance – delivering upto 1,100 litres discharge volume per minute @ 23 meters head making it capable to supply water from canals, borewells, ponds – in short – water bodies of all possible types – thus improving their productivity.

Announcing the launch Gagan Pal – Vice President – Head of Sales, Marketing & Service at Honda India Power Products Limited said “Indian farmers continue to repose their faith and choose Honda gasoline powered water pumps over any other offering – owing to their requirement of entire HONDA PACKAGE featuring fuel economy, portability, easy maintenance, and environment friendliness. Honda water pumps sustained performance is simply because they are built to last long and these are duly cared and backed up by a nationwide network of over 600 Sales and Service dealerships. These two new models will serve even wider and extensive farming irrigation needs, further augmenting Honda’s water pumps coverage and market share”.  

The newly launched Water Pumps are now available at Honda’s retail dealership outlets across the country.