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Dhanuka Agritech launches ONEKIL systemic herbicide for Onion crops

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01 August 2021, New Delhi: Dhanuka Agritech has launched ONEKIL to provide a complete solution for weed-free Onion crops. The company stated that for the first time, Indian Onion growers will experience ONEKIL, a 9(3) molecule that is a complete solution for weed-free Onion crops, from Dhanuka.

As per the regulatory filing, currently, Onion growers of India are suffering from multiple weed problems out of which major weeds are Narrow-leaf & Broadleaf. ONEKlL (Technical: Quizalofop-Ethyl 4% +Oxyfluorfen 6%EC) is a post-emergence systemic herbicide that controls Narrow Leaf Weeds as well as Broad Leaf Weeds. Once ONEKIL is absorbed by the onion crop’s foliage and root system, it provides longer residual control to most of the weeds.

Moreover, ONEKIL lasts for 1-2 hours and has effective rain fastness. ONEKIL has a dual mode of action and has excellent translocation activity.

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When it is absorbed through leaves, it moves downwards through the phloem, and when absorbed by roots, and moves upward through the xylem, the company said.

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