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Sindh Agriculture University starts research on disease-free mango plants

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31 August 2021, Pakistan: Sindh Agriculture University started research on disease-free mango plants, and in the first phase 1000 plants will be produced, while 20,000 plants will be produced every year.

Vice Chancellor Dr. Fateh Marri announced the formation of a Green Youth Movement comprising students for tree planting and other healthy activities. Experts proposed to make organic manure from wasted vegetables from Markets and biogas energy from dung from dairy farms.

An important meeting of teachers and experts was held at the Crop Production Faculty of Sindh Agriculture University; Dr. Fateh Marri, Vice Chancellor SAU Tandojam attended as a guest.

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Vice Chancellor was informed that experts of Sindh Agriculture University have been started research on disease-free mango varieties; in the Faculty of Crop Protection, for mango growers to get disease-free plants for their orchards.

Dr. Fateh Marri said that instead of disposing of leftover or wasted vegetables in Khawaja Stop and Hyderabad vegetable markets, organic fertilizers can be prepared by processing these vegetables, Biogas and organic manure can be made from animal dung from dairy farms. He said that HEC Green Youth Movement is being formed for other healthy activities including tree planting campaign for the students,

Earlier, addressing the event after the inauguration of the tree planting campaign by the Department of Agronomy, Vice Chancellor Dr. Fateh Marri said that the global warming and climate change in the country could create a very dangerous situation. He said that vegetated cover in developed countries of the world is 7% while in our country this proportion is limited to only 3%, which is also declining by 1.5% annually according to the research of FAO.

He said that the aim of Sindh Agriculture University is to give importance to modern agriculture instead of traditional and hereditary farming methods. He said that Sindh Agriculture University has started work on banana waste, to prepare thread, organic fertilizer and other products from banana wastage and bio Agriculture and bioscience need to be further expanded.

He said that SAU is starting a project of planting trees on both sides of Hyderabad to Mirpur Khas Road with joint venture with Road Company.

Dr. Aijaz Soomro, Chairman, Department of Agronomy, Sindh Agriculture University, said that in developed countries, trees are considered to be the lungs of the environment, and forests are considered a symbol of a pleasant environment and more new forests are planting in these countries.

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