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Seipasa winds up its technical tour offering assessment and support for local producers in Chile

13 June 2022, Spain: Seipasa, the Spanish company specialised in the development, formulation, and manufacture of natural solutions for agriculture, has completed a technical tour offering assessment and support to fruit and vegetable producers in Chile.

Led by José Luis Egas, the company’s Business Manager in Latin America and Carlos Javier López, Technical Manager in Mexico and Latin America, Seipasa has toured the main agricultural regions of the country to present key aspects of its Natural Technology® model from the point of view of biostimulation and bioprotection applied to crops such as berries, fruit trees, citrus fruits or blueberries. The company has received the support and collaboration of Comagro, its partner and Seipasa’s product distributor in Chile. 

José Luis Egas highlighted that the aim of this technical tour has been to showcase Seipasa’s experience and know-how on improving the quality of crops.

“Seipasa is present in more than 25 countries worldwide with a differential model based on high value-added production of  fruit and vegetables, free of chemical residues. All the expertise, accumulated through hundreds of field experiences in very diverse agricultural systems, is what we have presented to Chilean producers during this tour”, Mr Egas explained.

In this regard, Carlos Javier López also underlined the company’s in-depth knowledge of the design and application of integrated pest management strategies, as well as the opportunities that this technical tour has provided.

“Reducing the chemical load in phytosanitary treatments is a reality that many fruit and vegetable producers are facing in order to reach out to the market with quality, value-added proposals. Our products have been designed both for integrated organic production and for their inclusion in mixed strategies, aimed at replacing chemically synthesised active ingredients with substances of biological origin. Producers see a great opportunity for differentiation, and this is something that they have transmitted to us”, Mr López went on to add. 

Seipasa has been present in Chile since 2020 with a wide-ranging crop catalogue. The company is working on broadening its product portfolio when the current processes to obtain phytosanitary registration have been completed.

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