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Seipasa launches Furity, the patented technology that gives life to the microbiological fungicide Fungisei

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16 February 2023, Spain: Seipasa, a Spanish company specialising in the development, formulation and production of bioinsecticides, biofungicides, biostimulants and fertilisers, has presented Furity, a patented, innovative and revolutionary technology that the company has used in the development and formulation of the microbiological fungicide Fungisei.

The product, which is being launched in Spain after receiving phytosanitary approval from the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, is also present in other international markets such as Portugal, France, Turkey, Mexico, the United States, Peru, Morocco and Côte d’Ivoire, where it is already marketed and widely sold.

Francisco Espinosa, Seipasa’s R&D director, said that Furity is one of the innovations offered by the Natural Technology® model, which is applied to disease control based on the use of microorganisms in agriculture.

“The Furity concept represents the unique formulation and innovative technology we have developed at Fungisei. It goes far beyond its active ingredient, a highly effective strain of the microorganism Bacillus subtilis, which makes Fungisei a liquid formulation without chemical preservatives, with unique properties in terms of temperature and storage stability, solubility and ease of use, among other advantages that optimise its effectiveness and profitability”, explained Mr Espinosa.

“With the name Furity,” adds Seipasa’s R&D Director, “we want to make the complex patented technology that brings Fungisei to life more understandable and communicate its differentiated value as we launch the product on the European market.” 

“Furity and Fungisei are two sides of the same coin: one would not exist without the other. We want to explain to the market all the developments we have made to bring benefits to the farmer,” concludes Francisco Espinosa

Fury and purity in an exclusive formulation

For Dr Inmaculada del Castillo, head of microbiology at Seipasa, the Furity technology “comes from the combination of two words – Fury and Purity – that describe the product’s mode of action, performance and behaviour in the prevention and control of high-impact diseases.”

“Furity technology has allowed us to design a molecular structure capable of protecting the microorganism and ensuring the stability and homogeneity of the active ingredient. It resists in all possible conditions thanks to its ability to adapt,” added Dr del Castillo, “and when the time is right, it deploys all its power, energy and capacity for action.”

The head of the company’s microbiology area added that “Seipasa applies a high purity technology that allows it to identify the spores of the microorganism and formulate a end product in a pure and uncontaminated form. This technology – she stressed – ensures and guarantees the constant viability of the active ingredient, its homogeneous concentration and, above all, maximum efficacy when applied to the crop.

About Fungisei

Fungisei is a microbiological fungicide developed from a highly effective and pure strain of Bacillus subtilis, and whose formulation is patented by Seipasa for the control of diseases such as botrytis, mildew, powdery mildew and mottle in a wide variety of crops. The product is certified for use in organic agriculture under UNE standards. It is also suitable for use in biodynamic agriculture under the Demeter seal.

Fungisei is classified by the European Commission as a Low Risk product, which certifies its low impact in all aspects of its use and application. 

In addition, it is an internationally recognized solution and winner of the award for the Most Innovative Formulation at the Agrow Awards.

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