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New Vorceed™ Enlist® Technology From Corteva Agriscience to Deliver the Most Flexibility to Manage Acres With Corn Rootworm Pressure

11 March 2022, Indianapolis: Corteva Agriscience today unveiled its next generation of corn rootworm (CRW) trait technology. Vorceed Enlist® corn will help enable farmers to manage CRW acres with more options than any other seed corn product.

Farmers gain flexibility in managing CRW pressure with three modes of action for above-ground insect protection, three modes of action for below-ground insect protection and tolerance to four herbicide modes of action to help better manage resistant weeds. Vorceed Enlist technology is expected to be available in products across all Corteva seed brands, including Pioneer®, Brevant® seeds, AgVenture®, Dairyland Seed®, Hoegemeyer®, NuTech® and Seed Consultants®.

Corteva is finalizing its commercial plans for Vorceed Enlist products for the U.S. and Canada. Expanded access for select farmers in the U.S. is anticipated for the 2023 growing season, with ramp-up in a broader set of genetic backgrounds and maturities over multiple years.

“Vorceed Enlist corn will build on the enhanced yield potential and superior agronomics of our Qrome® products,” said Judd O’Connor, President, U.S. Commercial Business, Corteva Agriscience. “For farmers looking for the most flexibility in meeting their business goals, Vorceed Enlist corn raises the bar in three key areas: maximized yield potential, exceptional CRW protection and more flexible weed management, leveraging our most advanced weed control technology.”

The maximized yield potential of Vorceed Enlist corn comes from the ability to harness the Corteva corn germplasm library, one of the industry’s largest and most robust, with corn lines tracing back to 1920. Elite genetics empower Corteva breeders to create a diverse lineup across a wide range of maturities, tailoring traits and genetics into products that meet the evolving needs of today’s farmers.

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“The trusted genetics responsible for the high yield potential of Qrome products will be brought forward in Vorceed Enlist corn,” O’Connor said. “Since widescale introduction, Qrome products have consistently delivered significant yield advantages over competitive SmartStax technology in on-farm trials.”1

For exceptional insect protection, Vorceed Enlist corn will add a new RNAi mode of action to proven Bt traits for a total of six modes of action to protect against above- and below-ground pests. In testing, this potent combination is resulting in reduced root damage in moderate to heavy CRW pressure environments2 and a 99% reduction in adult beetle emergence.3

Vorceed Enlist corn also will provide the benefits of the Enlist® weed control system, including exceptional flexibility with tolerances to four herbicide modes of action: 2,4-D choline, glyphosate, glufosinate and FOP herbicides. Enlist® herbicides feature near-zero volatility and reduced potential for physical drift, when applied according to label instructions, with no calendar cut-off dates or time-of-day restrictions. In addition, a wide application window enables the use of Enlist herbicides to control late-season broadleaf weeds.

“Corteva’s R&D engine is helping drive a major shift in trait technology that will change the game for farmers. Vorceed Enlist corn is the most recent example and just the beginning,” said Sam Eathington, Chief Technology Officer, Corteva Agriscience. “Our robust product pipeline is full of promise, marked by more corn technology and hybrids we’ll unveil later this year plus longer-term advancements in CRW traits, giving growers even more choice to best manage their cropping systems.”

Current introductory plans for Vorceed Enlist® corn in the U.S. include:

  • 2023: Expanded access for farmers
  • Mid-decade: Advancement of a broader set of genetic backgrounds, making more maturities available.
  • Mid- to late-decade: Vorceed Enlist corn will become the lead triple-stack offering from Corteva for CRW acres.

During the introductory phase, Qrome products will continue to lead the Corteva CRW trait portfolio.