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New member in the ‘18V Power for All System‘: Powerful and precise cordless garden saw Keo

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21 January 2022UK: Bosch has now made the tried-and-tested Keo garden saw even better and has equipped it with a powerful interchangeable battery pack: The Keo, for 10 years a very popular garden helper, will be part of the ‘18V Power for All System‘. This system covers all representative tools in each segment and currently comprises around 40 DIY, garden, and home appliances – and even extends beyond the Bosch range with additional partners in the cross-brand ‘Power for All Alliance’. All tools – from rotary hammer to lawn mower and even vacuum cleaner – can be operated with the same 18V lithium-ion battery and only one charger. This saves DIYers space and money and protects the environment. A further significant advantage of the new Keo is its more powerful and continuous cutting capacity. Up to 115 cuts through 50 x 50 mm structural timber can be done with just one battery charge using a 2.0 Ah battery. The basis for this is an optimum coordination of key components such as the motor and gearbox combined with an intelligent electronic control system called the ‘Syneon Technology’. Only Bosch offers this interaction between motor electronics and battery. As a result, the Keo always delivers the optimum power and maximum endurance for each project. It also maintains full power until the battery is empty. This allows garden and DIY enthusiasts to continue sawing at full capacity until the end. Thanks to the three integrated LEDs you can always see the current charging state.

Sawing easily and precisely with one hand

A special feature of the Keo still is its ‘A-Grip’, a detachable branch grip with which Bosch established a new category of garden saws in the market. The A-Grip made it possible for users for the first time to hold both the saw and the branch simultaneously with only one hand. In this way, twigs can be cut comfortably without you having to use your other hand to stabilize the branch which would otherwise sway back and forth because of the sawing motion. This is especially advantageous when pruning high, hard-to-reach branches. And the Keo can also be used to cut plant stakes, trellises, or pickets easily and effortlessly to length. With the A-Grip attached, the in-house manufactured Swiss precision saw blade cuts branches with a thickness of up to 60 mm quickly and reliably. Detaching the branch grip increases the maximum cutting diameter to 80 mm and users can also saw particularly close to the trunk.

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Simple coverage of more DIY areas

The new Keo is just as compact as its predecessor and is a lot more than a simple garden saw: Its saw blades can be changed quickly and easily using the SDS system – turn the ring, remove the saw blade, click in the new saw blade, and turn the ring back. Depending on the saw blade, the Keo not only cuts wood, but also metal and plasterboard with ease. It is therefore also a reliable companion for classic DIY applications and beyond the garden.

The new Keo is available as of now. Additional saw blades for metal applications and for the sawing of plasterboards are available in the Bosch accessory range. All stated prices are recommended retail prices including VAT.

Tool specificationsKeo (18 V)
Battery voltage18 V
Charge time1 h
No-load stroke rate0 ‒ 2,300 rpm
Cuts per battery charge at 2.0 Ah115 (50 x 50 mm squared timber)
Cut diameter60 mm with/80 mm without A-Grip
Dimensions with 2.0 Ah battery
(length x height x width)
370 x 138 x 81 mm
Weight without/with 2.0 Ah battery1.0/1.4 kg
Scope of delivery/recommended
retail price including VAT
Tool in a carton box with A-Grip and Swiss precision saw blade ‘Top for Wood’: € 99.99Tool in a carton box with A-Grip, Swiss precision saw blade ‘Top for Wood’,
18 V battery with 2.0 Ah and charger AL 18V-20: € 154.99
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