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More Than a Pretty Picture: ADAMA is Using Drone Imagery Analysis to Bring More Value to Farmers

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31 May 2022, US: Every ag-professional is familiar with the challenges of using scouting manpower to provide reliable insights from the field. There is a strong need for growers to close this gap of being able to capture reliable information from the field and translate it into actionable, accurate data with less dependency on people.  

This is why ADAMA introduced ADAMA Eagle Eye, a drone analytics farming platform, in partnership with Agremo, a leading aerial analytics provider.

The ADAMA Eagle Eye enables the collection of highly accurate data layers of crop fields to optimize the management of field trials and demo plots. It is a digital platform that uses AI to perform analytics from drone imagery, allowing ADAMA agronomists and experts to virtually visit the field, collect 3-D images, crop health data and document the progress of our field trials. This knowledge allows ADAMA’s product development and marketing teams to provide better accessibility to crop information for industry professionals and growers across the world.

ADAMA Eagle Eye analysis reports take the guesswork out of crop progress and significantly help the ADAMA team and growers to better understand what is going on in their fields. The software extracts critical information on plant populations, weeds, stress, pests, disease, drought, field arable area, and more, from a drone map to provide field and crop reports. The additional data layer helps ADAMA to make smarter decisions about pipeline projects, providing vital insights using visual data points. In addition, the report helps to provide more focused discussions with growers to deliver optimal solutions.

“Conducting field visits is one of our key actions to demonstrate to growers the efficacy of our products and to spend time with them, listening and learning about their needs and pain points,” explains Georgiana Francescotti, Head of Global AgTech and Digital Services at ADAMA. “We believe that this technology will be part of a future hybrid solution for field tests and management, although it is clear to us that it cannot replace the value of face-to-face encounters we enjoy with our partners. Furthermore, this application allows us to reach many more farmers, distributors and partners who would not be able to meet us in the fields.”

In 2022, ADAMA Eagle Eye powered by Agremo, will continue to roll-out in several more countries, distributing this technological activity across Europe, North and South America. Agremo’s network makes it possible to perform a more significant number of missions at a lower cost in wide geographical deployment.

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