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Corteva Agriscience Opens New Multi-crop, Multipurpose Research Center in Szeged, Hungary

03 September 2020, Budepest, Hungary: International pure-play agriculture company Corteva Agriscience announced that it has unified and enhanced its seed and crop protection research capabilities within a multi-crop and multipurpose research center located in Szeged, Hungary.

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The center serves as a hub where Corteva Agriscience R&D team members collaborate to develop ground-breaking and sustainable agricultural solutions for farmers across Europe and the world.

With a total investment of USD 1.9 million, the newly integrated Szeged Center is one of Corteva’s largest multi-crop, multipurpose research centers in Europe. The new location employs 34 people, including eight scientists, who focus on innovation in seed and crop protection.

The plant breeding team housed at Szeged is responsible for corn and sunflower breeding and product development of Corteva’s elite germplasm. The team develops hybrids with advanced yield potential and agronomic qualities, including heat stress tolerance, a prevalent condition in continental Europe. The team’s prior breeding work has contributed to many market-shaping products, including Pioneer® brand ExpressSun® herbicide-tolerant sunflower hybrids, high-oleic sunflower seeds and the market-leading Pioneer® brand Optimum® AQUAmax® corn product line. The team’s parent characterization capabilities and production research activities also support Corteva’s seed production facility in nearby Szarvas.

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In-field Research and Trialing

The Integrated Field Science team housed at Szeged focuses on developing new weed, insect and disease management solutions, as well as seed applied technologies and biologicals through in-field research and trialing.

“This is a very important milestone in the history of Corteva Agriscience, as three significant R&D units are united to collaborate and deliver advanced solutions for farmers of Hungary and other European countries. With this integration, we are establishing a creative environment for innovation and operational excellence using the synergies of three previously separate facilities. In keeping with our recently announced Sustainability Goals 2030, we remain unwavering in our commitment to develop and deploy innovative and sustainable agricultural solutions for the greater good of our customers, consumers and the communities we serve,” said Abelardo De La Vega, Corteva Agriscience plant breeding leader for Europe. “This includes taking steps to ensure that every new product concept that Corteva Agriscience develops will meet specific sustainability criteria of farmers and consumers before it is moved into the pipeline.”

“As part of Corteva Agriscience’s mission to offer farmers complete solutions that help maximize their productivity, we are excited to combine the complementary expertise and experience of our scientists,” added Andreas Huber, Integrated Field Sciences Leader in EMEA, Corteva Agriscience.