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Bayer to launch FieldView digital farming platform in Australia

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07 February 2022, Australia: Bayer today announced that it will be launching its industry leading digital farming platform FieldView in Australia. The platform will enable Australia’s cotton and cereal farmers to work smarter, by combining their expertise and knowledge of the land with modern, digitally-enabled tools.

The decision follows two successful seasons of working with leading growers across Australia to beta-test FieldView in local conditions and ensuring the platform is suited to the specific needs of Australian growers. 

Bayer’s Head of Digital Farming ANZ, Chris Staff, said enhanced digital capabilities will support Bayer’s efforts to help Australian farmers gain a deeper understanding of their operations, allowing them to collect, visualise and analyse data they are generating on their farm to make more informed decisions. 

“Digital farming integrates detailed information on factors such as weather conditions, soil moisture, soil nutrient levels and crop health to improve on-farm decision-making, leveraging application technology and data science to maximise efficiency and productivity. With FieldView, Australian farmers can make data-driven decisions in real-time while using resources more precisely and effectively, conserving water, energy, fertiliser and crop protection inputs,” Mr Staff said.

“We are committed to setting new standards for sustainable agriculture and excited by the possibilities that FieldView can bring to Australian farmers and, indeed, to the wider agriculture industry.”

Mr Staff said Bayer was now collaborating with farmers and the sector to discuss how FieldView can support farming businesses, while strictly protecting the privacy and data security of every user of the platform. “Collaboration and trust will be the key to realising the full value of FieldView.” 

“Farmers are rightfully protective of their data and we will continue to work alongside them to ensure the strict protection of their privacy and their intellectual capital. Bayer has a long history of leadership and integrity in data privacy and we will continue to rigorously adhere to the Australian Farm Data Code.

“Bayer is committed to methodically working with growers to invest in the trusted partnerships necessary to enable the platform to deliver value for farmers. I’m looking forward to having these important conversations over coming months.”

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The next 12 months will see Bayer continuing to work closely with growers involved in beta-testing FieldView, as additional functionality is made available. These users will be able to access and trial a suite of new tools in FieldView such as field health imagery and manual fertility and crop protection scripting. 

While exploring these new features, Bayer will also look to connect a wider range of farmers to FieldView, to continue testing the platform in the Australian market as it heads towards a full commercial launch.

FieldView is the world’s most connected digital ag platform with over 60 platform partners around the world. The announcement is another step in Bayer’s evolution in Australia, transforming the business from an input provider to an outcome driver.

Bayer Australia Managing Director, Joerg Ellmanns, said the digital transformation of agriculture continues to have a fundamentally positive effect on modern, sustainable agriculture.

“Digital farming is critical to agriculture’s present and future, applying data analytics and technology to agricultural best practice. It helps farmers produce the maximum amount of food from every crop in every paddock, reducing the need to use more land and will help underpin the continued sustainability of farming.

“Bayer will remain at the forefront of agricultural innovation by investing in digital, benefiting farmers and consumers for the good of Australia’s environment, society, and economy.”

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