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AlgaEnergy, new partner of the Technology Platform Food for Life-Spain

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29 July 2022, Spain: The PTF4LS, led by the Spanish Food and Drink Industry Federation (FIAB), promotes the transmission of research, scientific and technological advances through public-private collaboration between the main agents in the agri-food sector.

AlgaEnergy, a leading international company in the microalgae biotechnology sector and its applications, has joined the Technology Platform Food for Life-Spain (PTF4LS) as an associate, led by the Spanish Food and Drink Industry Federation (FIAB) and considered the largest technological platform in the Spanish agri-food sector.

The general objective of the PTF4LS is to promote the transmission of knowledge and advances in scientific and technological research through public-private collaboration of the main agri-food sector agents in relation to R&D as well as the detection of new demands from the consumer, ensuring the competitiveness and growth of the Spanish agri-food sector.

With the incorporation to the PTF4LS, AlgaEnergy continues to develop close collaborations with leading organizations and companies in the food and health sector to continue taking advantage of the immense potential of microalgae and their applications in this industry.

The PTF4LS has 11 working groups made up of entities and people of recognized prestige in the agri-food sector and in the world of R&D that tackle different challenges in the agri-food sector in a transversal way and through innovation and anticipate the challenges industry futures. The strategic lines of these groups are Food and Health, Quality, Production and Sustainability, Food Safety, Consumer and New Products, Training and Talent, Food Chain Management, Containers and Packaging, Meat Sector, Dairy Sector, Fruit and Vegetable Sector and Food Service Channel.

Currently, the PTF4LS has more than 150 top level associates, including companies, technology and research centers, associations, and universities.

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