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AgroFresh Helps Leading Clementine Producer, Bagú, Improve Quality Through Data

FreshCloudTM Inspection System Helps Reduce Waste and Maintain Quality of Fresh Produce by Offering Actionable Insights Throughout the Supply Chain

27 June 2024, Philadelphia: AgroFresh Solutions, Inc., a global leader in post-harvest solutions for fresh produce, has expanded its long-time collaboration with Bagú SL, a family company from Burriana, Spain which specializes in high-quality clementines that have been produced for nearly a century.

With clients in the U.S., Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland and the Middle East, Bagú provides clementines (which comprise 90% of the company’s sales volume) to many diverse parts of the world. Producing between 50 and 55 million kilograms of clementines annually, many rely on Bagú to deliver quality and consistency year-round.

While looking for a way to improve the data management of its citrus products and make real-time data-powered decisions, Bagú turned to AgroFresh for a solution. Their global expanse required a reliable system to manage the quality of their citrus. In 2023, Bagú implemented the FreshCloudTM Inspection digital platform allowing them to easily visualize real-time data, making the data more accessible and actionable to optimize product quality management.

“The FreshCloud platform from AgroFresh has brought us simplicity, speed and significant data visualization,” said Isaac Balaguer, technical director of operations for Bagú. “This makes it much easier to share important information with everyone on the entire team which helps us and our customers.”

“FreshCloud Inspection provides end-to-end visibility to real-time data and insights to empower decision making and help improve quality, profitability potential and sustainability” said Cesar Balguerias, EMEA Data & Digital Product Lead. “It allows users to capture, analyze and make decisions based on each piece of produce, from harvest to storage.”

With the information synthesized and reported in FreshCloud Inspection, now Bagú delivers quality reports to their customers. This information is sent before the fruit departs from the packing houses. “The quality of the entire product lot is recorded, which becomes very useful for everyone involved, our team and the retailer,” stated Balaguer.

Through FreshCloud Inspection, AgroFresh empowers its customers with solutions to help maximize profit potential and minimize losses. It also helps manage communication and labor costs. Providing produce quality across the supply chain, FreshCloud Inspection’s standardized reports keep suppliers, customers and exporters all in communication to make informed produce management decisions.

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