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African plant nutrition research fund: now accepting proposals

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27 January 2022, Africa: African plant nutrition research fund: now accepting proposals


The aim of the APNRF is to enable scaling of improved nutrient and soil fertility management by synergistically extending research conducted in strategic priority areas of APNI.


The APNRF provides funds of no more that $20,000 USD per year, fo rip to two year. Proposals that leverage other funding sources are strongly encouraged.


To be eligible, the lead applicant (Principal Investigator) must be from an African National Agricultural Research and Extension System (NARES) institution or African university. Students are not eligible for this award. 

Additional Guidance

Funding can be requested for new trials or to leverage expansion or additional data collection for existing trials. Other topics related to socio-economics or data science will also qualify for funding as long as they directly support at least one of the three research themes. 

Partnerships with other African or international organizations will be viewed favorably. For-profit partners in a research consortium must match received funding 1:1. The proposed work must be primarily performed in Africa and all the work must be relevant to African agriculture. We do not support proprietary product development, testing or promotions. 


April 30, 2022

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