Africa Must Fast-track Adoption of Proven and Sustainable Solutions to Survive Food Crisis

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06 September 2022, Africa: The repercussions of the global food crisis, coupled with a protracted drought and a challenging pandemic recovery, make the forthcoming harvest season in many parts of Africa even more critical for governments and farmers.

With more than 37.5 million people across the Horn of Africa alone on the verge of selling their possessions to be able to afford basic nourishment, the proper functioning of food systems to harvest, process and distribute food is presently a matter of life or famine.

The unexpected events of the past two years have significantly altered the trajectory of Africa’s agricultural development. From accelerating the digitalisation of marketplaces and on-farm training during the pandemic to forcing countries to seek wheat and fertiliser alternatives in the ongoing Ukraine conflict, necessity has triggered urgent innovation to adapt to evolving circumstances.

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